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028WEB - The Pierce Brothers - @daramunn


MY NAME IS PATRICK AND I PLAY THE GUITAR SOMETIMES. Sorry to yell,I just really love it. So you can probably tell most of my design, photography and video work has been within the music tour space for the past few years with my band Pierce Brothers.

In that time I've toured over 30 countries playing headliners, festivals and support slots for artists such as Ben Harper, Tash Sultana, Tones & I, and The Cat Empire, amongst others.

Throughout the experience I've had my camera and computer by my side and have been documenting, editing and designing my way through the endless shows, festivals and bus trips.

My job for the past few years other than music has been the creation and roll out of all of Pierce Brothers content, which has let me hone my crafts in both camera and post production.

Since COVID has shut down touring for the foreseeable future I've begun to widen my scope and put the talents I've learned to use elsewhere.

If you find yourself in need of a photographer, videographer or editor please reach out.

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T- 0413 450 397

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